Editor's Dispatch

Editor's Dispatch: Olympic Fever!

The Olympics are coming to a close, and it's been so great to watch so many amazing athletes perform over the past weeks!

One of my favorite things about the comic pages is seeing those special things that draw the attention of many different cartoonists. Everyone has a different sense of humor and insight into something that is in all of our lives, and it's so much fun to see all those various viewpoints at work. Here's a selection of Olympics comics for you all! Keep Reading

Editor's Dispatch: Talking with Karen Moy and June Brigman of Mary Worth

As many of you know, Joe Giella, longtime Mary Worth artist, retired from the strip this week. We're going to miss Joe a lot, but we are so delighted to welcome June Brigman to the daily Mary Worth strip.

June has been drawing Mary Worth on Sundays for the past couple of months, and we've been enjoying her visual interpretation of characters we love so much. For me, it's been especially exciting to see an artist who's been responsible for drawing some of my favorite comics over the years take on Mary and her friends! Keep Reading

Editor's Dispatch: A Conversation with Ray Billingsley, America's Leading Black Cartoonist.

Earlier this week, I had the pleasure of speaking with Ray Billingsley, the creator of Curtis.

Curtis is the story of Curtis Wilkins, an eleven-year-old African-American boy who lives in the city with his mom, dad, and little brother, Barry. Curtis himself is a perfect balance of excitement and cynicism that rings as truly authentic to anyone who has ever been or known kids from a big city. Keep Reading

Editor's Dispatch: King's Editorial Cartoonists Remember Orlando

It's not often that King Features' wide stable of editorial cartoonists agree on a subject, but this week, in the aftermath of the horrible tragedy of the shooting at Pulse nightclub in Orlando, the vast majority of our talented comics journalists had something to say. Please be aware that the following cartoons involve depictions of violence and weapons) Keep Reading

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