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Feature Spotlight: Marvin

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This week, we're reading Marvin, by Tom Armstrong.

Marvin focuses on the life of a red-headed toddler who thinks he's the center of the universe-- and why not? He's certainly the center of HIS universe. Marvin lives in a multi-generational family with his parents, Jeff and Jenny Miller, and grandparents, Roy and Bea. Keep Reading

Tuesday's Top Ten Comics on Breaking the Fourth Wall

Have you ever felt like comic characters somehow KNOW that they live inside a comic, or that they are being read by us? That's because they really DO know, as the 4th wall, the invisible barrier that separates us from the work of fiction, keeps getting destroyed by these characters for pure fun!

Here's our list of Top Ten comics that break the 4th wall so well that we feel they are ready to jump off your screen! Keep Reading

Ask A Cartoonist: Spooky, Scary!

First off, we're sending our best wishes to everyone affected by Hurricane Harvey, and to remind readers out there that there's still plenty of need for help-- please give to a relief organization of your choice, if you can!

Secondly, in the annals of "weird holidays you didn't know existed," today is FRANKENSTEIN DAY. Even funny people are afraid of things, and this week, I asked our cartoonists to talk about fear: the things they're afraid of, and the scary stuff they love the most. Here are their answers:

Keep Reading

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