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Feature Spotlight: Tina's Groove

Category: Comics

This week's spotlight is on Tina's Groove by Rina Piccolo.

Rina is one of the funniest people writing comics-- and before she became a cartoonist, she did her fair share of time working in restaurants, an experience that she uses to craft the ups & downs of Tina, the intrepid heroine of Tina's Groove. Keep Reading

Ask A Cartoonist: Happy Graduation!

Category: Comics

It's that very special time of year when all that hard work pays off-- congratulations graduates on getting your degrees! Whether you're finishing high school, college, or a postgrad program, you deserve to be proud of yourself! This week, I asked our cartoonists to celebrate graduation-- and to impart a little advice or well-wishes, if they had them! Keep Reading

Feature Spotlight: Baby Blues

Category: Comics

Just as schools across the country begin to let out, we're feeling really into Baby Blues, by Rick Kirkman and Jerry Scott.

Baby Blues is a look at life with the MacPherson clan-- Darryl, Wanda, Zoe, Hamish ("Hammie") and Wren. When Baby Blues began in 1990, Wanda and Darryl were just on the precipice of having their first child: a daughter, Zoe. The family has gotten larger over the years, and now, Baby Blues catches all the frustration and humor of many stages of parenthood. Keep Reading

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