Stephen Webster

Stephen Webster


Stephen Webster started living the life of a Viking when he moved with his parents from Earlham, Iowa, to Moscow, Russia, in 1993. Moscow wasn’t cold enough for the Webster family, so in 1996, they moved to the north’s capital, Murmansk, Russia. There, after going through a brief goth phase, Stephen met a Viking chieftain named Vladimir Ilych Labursky. This mad Russian Varangian not only fought polar bears at the North Pole but also taught Stephen to draw awesome comics. 

Soon after finishing his apprenticeship under Vladimir Ilych, Stephen completely ditched the goth lifestyle and put on a horned helmet of the Norsemen. He got his art degree from one of the northernmost universities in the world, Murmansk Arctic State University. Afterward, he got married to his hot Russian girlfriend and got busy making four Viking babies.

In 2016, this new clan of Viking Websters set sail on their longboat back to America. They finally set up camp in Nevada, and Stephen started working as a concept artist in the gaming world. Somewhere in the mix of moving from one end of the world to the other, the Saga of Brann Bjornson was born in the mind of Stephen Webster. Since 2018, Stephen has been drawing and sketching the lives of Brann, Vasilisa, Masha, Dankin, Samkin, Milla, and the other characters of Saga. To this day, he claims all similarities to Saga and real life are purely fictitious.