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Working Cats

By Maritsa Patrinos
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  • May 18, 2024

    Alex Garcia

    Brooklyn Whiskers: Behind the Scenes of Working Cats with Maritsa Patrinos

    In this episode, we chat with Maritsa Patrinos, the creative mind behind the beloved webcomic “Working Cats.” This episode takes us into the bustling bodega corners of Brooklyn, where we get up close with Taki and Sula, the charismatic cat duo at the series’ heart. Maritsa shares insights into her creative process, the development of her characters, and the real-life inspirations behind the enchanting yet rough-around-the-edges settings. Subscribe to Inside the Kingdom on Spotify or Apple Podcasts and keep up with the latest from Comics Kingdom!
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  • May 15, 2024

    Alex Garcia

    Announcing Working Cats: The New Webcomic You Can’t Miss!

    The immensely talented Maritsa Patrinos, known for her vibrant illustrations and captivating storytelling, is launching her latest project: Working Cats, a charming weekly webcomic that is sure to capture your hearts. For over a decade, Maritsa has been a prominent figure at comic conventions and festivals across the U.S., Canada, and the U.K., where she showcases and sells her self-published prints, zines, and books. Her impressive accolades include two Ignatz nominations from the Small Press Expo and a silver medal from the Society of Illustrators for her other self-published works. In October 2023, she received a MICE (Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo) Mini-Grant for her “Working Cats” zine and appeared on a panel discussing the intriguing topic of cats in comics. Additionally, she is a member of the Six Chix collective and has a professional background at BuzzFeed. In October 2023, Maritsa received a prestigious MICE (Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo) Mini-Grant for her “Working Cats” zine. She also appeared on a panel at the expo to discuss the fascinating topic of cats in comics. Her work has garnered critical acclaim, earning her two Ignatz nominations from the Small Press Expo and […]
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