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Working Cats

By Maritsa Patrinos

About Working Cats

Working Cats is a charming weekly webcomic introducing us to Taki, the spirited new kitten stirring up the Brooklyn bodega scene. Join him as he navigates the quirky and tight-knit community of bodega cats under the guidance of Sula, the wise and seasoned pro. With her by his side, Taki learns the ropes and the unspoken rules of this feline society. Set against the vivid backdrop of various Brooklyn bodegas, each installment brings to life the city’s unique vibe—no specific locations, but all capturing the essence of Brooklyn with its slightly gritty charm, adorned with distinctive graffiti and the everyday street clutter that feels like home to our whiskered characters. Working Cats is your go-to comic for a weekly dose of laughter, whisker-twitching intrigue, and the heartwarming antics of cats who aren’t just pets but the soul of the neighborhood.

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