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New Comics Launch on Comics Kingdom: Never Been Deader, Dumplings and Insanity Streak

By The Countess

The Comics Kingdom community continues to grow and thrive! Our latest additions include two daily comic strips, Never Been Deader by Tommy Devoid and Dumplings by Victor Van Acker, while a third daily comic — Insanity Streak by Tony Lopes — launches on Oct. 2!

Tommy Devoid’s Never Been Deader, a comic about a skeleton with a grating office job, made its debut back in August and has since kept the dark humor steadily flowing. Set in the gray offices of Afterlife Industries, Lifeless Carl takes us through his normal day-to-day in the Department of Intake as he grapples with pesky office grievances like being underpaid, commuting home in traffic and feeling burned-out.

“Never Been Deader” — Aug. 29, 2023

Another comic that recently released on Comics Kingdom in August was “Dumplings” by Victor Van Acker. “Dumplings” features the amusing adventures of Benny the dog and Mac the cat — two best pals against a world that doesn’t believe in cats and dogs being friends. While Benny and Mac’s antics often get them into tight pinches, Benny’s owner, Dani, and her best friend, Franny, get into shenanigans of their own.

“Dumplings” — Sept. 17, 2023

Finally, Tony Lopes’ single-panel comic, “Insanity Streak,” is one where the jokes are in no short supply and a punchline is always nearby. With no central characters or subject matter, the strip easily flows between entertaining scenarios like the classic chicken crossing the road to knights online shopping for the Holy Grail. “Insanity Streak” makes Comic Kingdom its home on Oct. 2. Don’t miss out on the good laughs!

In the meantime, catch up on the most recent dailies of “Never Been Deader” and “Dumplings” here: