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Sally Forth

By Francesco Marciuliano, Jim Keefe


About Sally Forth

Sally Forth is a timely comic strip about a working mother, who juggles her mid-management job and finding enough quality time for her husband and daughter. Somehow, Sally manages to keep her sanity and sense of humor.

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Meet the Creators

  • Francesco Marciuliano Featured Image

    Francesco Marciuliano

    Francesco Marciuliano (somehow chant that name three times fast and he will appear in your house completely bewildered and perhaps in mid-shave) graduated Duke University with a double major in English and Professional /Personal Anxiety. A copywriter by trade and a cartoonist by childhood whimsy, Francesco (who goes by “Ces,” a nickname that is inexplicably […]

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  • Jim Keefe Featured Image

    Jim Keefe

    Hi! Jim Keefe here, cartoonist of the Sally Forth comic strip. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve loved to draw. Back then, it was all things Spider-Man, which eventually led me to the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art. After graduating, I got a job as the colorist on staff at King […]

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