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By Deon "Supr Dee" Parson


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  • May 21, 2024

    Alex Garcia

    Congratulations, Class of 2024!

    We’re celebrating “Graduation Season” at Comics Kingdom and are proud to welcome our latest lineup of outstanding new comics. These new comics are packed with unique stories and incredible artistry that are sure to entertain and captivate. Let’s dive into the latest members of our prestigious lineup! Flash Gordon Returning with a bang, Flash Gordon is back to dazzle new audiences with his epic space adventures. Initially created in 1934 by Alex Raymond, this legendary hero has inspired generations of comic fans and creators alike. The latest iteration by Dan Schkade brings fresh life to this iconic character, continuing his legacy with thrilling new escapades. Flash Gordon’s revival has even been featured in the Washington Post, highlighting its cultural impact and timeless appeal. Never Been Deader Tommy Devoid brings us the hilarious afterlife comedy Never Been Deader. Follow Lifeless Carl as he navigates the quirky world of the undead office. This comic adds a humorous twist to everyday workplace antics, making the afterlife seem oddly relatable and uproariously funny. Rosebuds Rosebuds by Supr Dee (Deon Parson) tells the heartwarming and lively tales of the Gonzalez sisters. Originally popular on social […]
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  • April 19, 2024

    Alex Garcia

    Inside The Kingdom – Rosebuds: Unconditional Love and Sisterly Antics

    In the latest episode of the Inside the Kingdom podcast, Deon Parson, the talented creator behind the beloved comic strip Rosebuds, he shares insights into his artistic journey and recent milestones. Celebrating his syndication with King Feature Syndicate, Dee discussed his nomination for Best Humor Webcomic, highlighting his joy and passion for his craft. “This is something that we are in for the long haul and we are here to do it together.”Deon “Supr Dee” Parson Dee’s collaboration with notable clients like Sega and Lo-Fi Girl showcases his versatility in creating engaging comic strips and illustrations. His role as a speaker and workshop facilitator has allowed him to share his expertise and inspire others at various events. Rosebuds chronicles the daily experiences of three Latina sisters, delving into themes of love and sisterhood. Dee aims to create timeless and relatable comics, steering clear of fleeting pop culture references. Inspired by comic legends such as Jim Davis, Dave Pilkey, Pat Brady, and Don Wimmer, Dee emphasizes the transformative power of comics to connect deeply with audiences. Dee Parson’s commitment to fostering a supportive community in the arts and underscoring love in his narratives […]
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  • March 14, 2024

    Alex Garcia

    Royalty has arrived! Rosebuds has arrived at Comics Kingdom

    Comics Kingdom is delighted to announce the arrival of Rosebuds, a heartwarming and humorous comic strip by the talented Deon Parson, also known as Supr Dee. This Ringo-nominated cartoonist, based in Indiana, brings his unique storytelling and artistic flair to our diverse comic strip collection. Rosebuds is not just another comic strip. It’s a fresh perspective on sibling relationships, a delightful journey with Rosa, Maria, and Maricela Gonzalez. This heartwarming strip beautifully captures the essence of family bonds, filled with love, laughter, and the occasional challenge. It’s a perfect blend of humor and heart, resonating with anyone who knows the joys and jolts of sibling life. Supr Dee, a seasoned creator in the comics world since 2015, brings his skill and passion to Rosebuds. He skillfully balances this new strip with his other popular comic series, “Life With Kurami” and “Pen & Ink.” His dedication to crafting engaging stories is evident in every panel, making him a valuable addition to the Comics Kingdom family. Rosebuds enriches our commitment to providing entertaining, relatable, high-quality comic strips. It’s an exciting new chapter for us and our readers, adding more smiles and stories […]
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