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Royalty has arrived! Rosebuds has arrived at Comics Kingdom

By Alex Garcia
Royalty has arrived! Rosebuds has arrived at Comics Kingdom

Comics Kingdom is delighted to announce the arrival of Rosebuds, a heartwarming and humorous comic strip by the talented Deon Parson, also known as Supr Dee. This Ringo-nominated cartoonist, based in Indiana, brings his unique storytelling and artistic flair to our diverse comic strip collection.

Rosebuds is not just another comic strip. It’s a fresh perspective on sibling relationships, a delightful journey with Rosa, Maria, and Maricela Gonzalez. This heartwarming strip beautifully captures the essence of family bonds, filled with love, laughter, and the occasional challenge. It’s a perfect blend of humor and heart, resonating with anyone who knows the joys and jolts of sibling life.

Supr Dee, a seasoned creator in the comics world since 2015, brings his skill and passion to Rosebuds. He skillfully balances this new strip with his other popular comic series, “Life With Kurami” and “Pen & Ink.” His dedication to crafting engaging stories is evident in every panel, making him a valuable addition to the Comics Kingdom family.

Rosebuds enriches our commitment to providing entertaining, relatable, high-quality comic strips. It’s an exciting new chapter for us and our readers, adding more smiles and stories to your daily comic reading experience.

We invite you to explore the amusing world of Rosebuds and join Rosa, Maria, and Maricela on their journey.

Stay tuned to Comics Kingdom for regular updates and dive into our extensive collection of comic strips. With Rosebuds, every day is an opportunity to discover the beauty and hilarity of life’s little moments.

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