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Rhymes with Orange

By Hilary Price & Rina Piccolo


About Rhymes with Orange

Unlike almost every other comic strip out there, Rhymes With Orange is penned by two women. If your parents keep getting older, your pets continue to shed and your spouse makes you nuts, pull up a chair and join us.  

 What readers have to say about Rhymes With Orange: 

 “My husband and I love your strip. Several times a month, we ask each other, ‘Is this cartoonist spying on us?’ Our cats, dogs, and babies (and okay, us too!) are often doing the exact same things as the characters/critters in your strip. It’s uncanny!” 

 “I believe you have a camera inside of my house and that I am due some compensation for the way you plagiarize my life. Seriously, this is the most intelligent strip I have read in the ‘funnies.'” 

 “If only your sense of humor came in a pill form. Then I could give it to people who piss me off and then perhaps like them.” 

 “Oh! Genius! Hilary has uncanny insight and an enviably deft pen, though really: Cartooning? The lengths some people will go to in order to avoid useful employment.” Sandra Boynton, cartoonist and children’s book author. 

Meet the Creators

  • Hilary Price Featured Image

    Hilary Price

    Hilary Price is a cartoonist, storyteller, and speaker. Rhymes with Orange appears in newspapers internationally and is a four time winner of Best Newspaper Panel Cartoon by the National Cartoonists Society.  Her passion is to teach people how to access their ideas and show them ways to simplify and amplify their stories.Hilary graduated from Stanford […]

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  • Rina Piccolo Featured Image

    Rina Piccolo

    Spanning a decades-long career in the comics, Rina Piccolo’s work has appeared in The New Yorker, Barron’s Business Magazine, The Reader’s Digest, and more. She has been syndicated with King Features Syndicate since 2000 with three comic features: Six Chix (2000-2016), Tina’s Groove (2002-1017), and currently Rhymes WithOrange(2017-present). Rina has co-authored and illustrated the book“Quirky […]

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