Rina Piccolo

Rina Piccolo


Spanning a decades-long career in the comics, Rina Piccolo’s work has appeared in The New Yorker, Barron’s Business Magazine, The Reader’s Digest, and more.

She has been syndicated with King Features Syndicate since 2000 with three comic features: Six Chix (2000-2016), Tina’s Groove (2002-1017), and currently Rhymes WithOrange(2017-present).

Rina has co-authored and illustrated the book“Quirky Quarks: A Cartoon Guide to the Fascinating Realm of Physics”(Springer Publishing, 2016.) She is also the creator of“The Comic of The Future” a digitally interactive cartoon titled“The Gallery”(MentalCanvas, 2020.) Presently, she is working on a collection of comic short stories.

When she’s not making comics, or scribbling in her art journal, Rina likes riding her bike, reading, and hanging out with friends and family. She lives in Toronto.