Tony Lopes


Insanity Streak
Insanity Streak is a single panel floating theme cartoon. The comic has no central characters, and has no regular subject matter or setting, imposing few limitations on Lopes’ comical style. “I enjoy the freedom of taking the readers anywhere.” Lopes says. Lopes grew up in Sydney, Australia where he now lives with his wife Lori and two boys. Firmly entrenched in his career of making people laugh, he divides his time by observing human nature and Lori - the similarities he claims, are uncanny.


Tony Lopes

Tony Lopes, a self-made cartoonist, nurtured his drawing passion from childhood, often immersing himself in Warner Bros. cartoons. He sold his first cartoon at 16 and pursued a fine arts education before briefly becoming a photographer. His cartoon series, Insanity Streak, commenced in 1992, gaining traction after an offer in 2000 to draw it daily. The series, voted 14 times as Australia's best comic strip, now enjoys international acclaim, published across 15 countries. Lopes, residing in Sydney with his family, also ventured into card publishing with The Great British Card Company and authored a book. His humor continues to charm audiences globally, affirming the universal appeal of silly little pictures.

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