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  • June 26, 2023

    The Countess

    Introducing Comiclicious: Meet Olivera Vukovic’s Relatable Comic Strip Adventure

    In life’s rollercoaster journey, it’s common to experience instances of isolation and uniqueness. Whether it’s that awkward moment of mistakenly waving back at a stranger or the ongoing struggle to achieve the ideal work-life balance, the daily emotional highs and lows can often be overwhelming. May 31, 2023 So, when you stumble upon individuals who spin the narrative of these daily blunders into light-hearted, relatable stories, those struggles can feel much more miniscule. This is precisely the charm that Olivera Vukovic brings to the table with her comic strip, “Comiclicious,” the newest addition to the Comics Kingdom roster. April 30, 2023 Born on a lazy Sunday in June 1992, Olivera lived a life constantly on the move. She found solace in her most trusted companions — books, pencils, and paper — which would later serve as the backbone of her creative career. Although she diligently honed her drawing skills, she was also immersed in her studies to become a physical chemist. The unique concept for her comic strip was born out of sheer desperation during an intense study session for a molecular spectroscopy exam. As she caricatured herself to alleviate […]
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