Olivera Vukovic


Main character in this comic is Liv (author herself). Being inspired by people, life and movement, Liv welcomes a lot of guest characters into her mini comics letting them pass through while telling their stories.



Liv’s every girl but every girl is not Liv.


Olivera Vukovic

Olivera, a talented Physical Chemist and comic artist, was born on a lazy Sunday in June 1992. Growing up, she moved frequently with her family, and found comfort in her two younger sisters, as well as her trusted companions - books, pencils, and paper. With a keen interest in science and art, she developed her skills in drawing and became an expert in using Photoshop during her time in High School, creating hilarious photos for her friends.
Today, Olivera resides in Belgrade, Serbia, with her loving family. When she's not busy with her creative work, she enjoys engaging in charity work, indulging in her love for reading, taking leisurely walks with her daughter, baking delicious treats, and trying to catch her playful dog for a bath.
Olivera's passion for drawing started at a young age, as she learned to hold a pencil 29 years ago. But it was during a late-night study session, while cramming for a Molecular Spectroscopy test, that the idea for her own comics struck her out of sheer desperation. She drew herself and her book in a comical way, which brought a smile to her face, and she realized the therapeutic power of drawing in coping with life's challenges.
Driven by her creative spirit, Olivera is constantly working on new ideas and seeking inspiration from both the world around her and her inner world. She aspires to continue her creative journey, bringing laughter and joy to others through her witty short comics.

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