Olivera  Vukovic

Olivera Vukovic


Olivera, a talented Physical Chemist and comic artist, was born on a lazy Sunday in June 1992. Growing up, she moved frequently with her family, and found comfort in her two younger sisters, as well as her trusted companions – books, pencils and paper. 

Her love for science and art is inseperable, and as a child she often wondered what to choose from the two, so she decided to go for both.

Today, Olivera resides in Belgrade, Serbia, with her loving family. When she’s not busy with her work, she enjoys engaging in charity actions, indulging in her love for reading, traveling, spending time in nature with her daughter and husband, and trying to catch her playful dog for a bath.

Driven by her creative spirit, Olivera is constantly working on new ideas and seeking inspiration from both the world around and within her. She aspires to continue her creative journey, bringing laughter and joy to others through her witty short comics.