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By Dean Young & John Marshall


About Blondie

In the year of 1930, Chic Young brought to life a character that would captivate audiences for generations to come. He named her Blondie, and she burst onto the comic scene with all the charm and spirit of a flighty and beautiful flapper girl.

Blondie is not just a pretty face; she possesses an inner strength that often surprises those around her. She tackles challenges head-on, whether it’s managing a lively household full of teenage and canine antics alike or navigating the complexities of her career as CEO of Blondie’s Deli and Catering. Her wit and resilience make her relatable to audiences of all ages. Her character has become an icon, inspiring countless women to be confident in their own skin and unafraid to pursue their dreams.

The love story between Blondie and Dagwood, filled with hilarious misadventures and endearing quirks, quickly became the cornerstone of the strip. Between Dagwood’s gift for constructing sandwiches tall enough to knock him over and Blondie’s instinct for landing on her feet, their bond might just prove that opposites really do attract.

After almost a century, Blondie has certainly carved her place in comic history. She remains a beloved and enduring figure today in this ever-changing digital age.

Their story reminds us that love has the power to conquer all! ❤️✨

Meet the Creators

  • Dana Young Coston Featured Image

    Dana Young Coston

    For over three decades, Dana has contributed her creativity and imagination to the Blondie legacy alongside her dad, Dean Young. But really, she can hardly remember a time when they weren’t collaborating; brainstorming gag ideas at the dinner table was a way of life in the Young household, making Blondie and Dagwood practically family members to her. Dana’s […]

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  • David Reddick Featured Image

    David Reddick

    With over 25 years of experience as a professional cartoonist, David Reddick has made significant contributions to the world of comics. Beyond his role with the Blondie team, David has showcased his talents by writing and illustrating for renowned titles such as Garfield, Popeye, Flash Gordon, Star Trek, and Roddenberry Entertainment. In addition to these […]

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  • Dean Young Featured Image

    Dean Young

    Chic Young, the visionary creator of the Blondie comic strip, and Athel Young, an exquisite concert harpist, brought me into a household filled with humor, music, and a unique blend of talents. Their love story sparked at one of my mother’s concerts and set the stage for a life surrounded by the enchanting sounds of a golden […]

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  • Dianne Young Erwin Featured Image

    Dianne Young Erwin

    With over 25 years of expertise in graphic design, experiential design, and marketing, Dianne Erwin stands out as a seasoned professional in the marketing and design realms. Her specialization lies in crafting rebranding initiatives tailored to companies of all sizes.As the daughter of Blondie’s creator, Dean Young, and the sister of Dana Coston, Dianne inherits […]

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  • John Marshall Featured Image

    John Marshall

    John Marshall embarked on his cartooning journey at the age of 14, spurred by his grandmother’s encouragement to submit cartoons to Parade magazine. To his surprise, he sold one of his cartoons, and a few years later, another found a home at the Saturday Evening Post. After graduating with honors from Ringling School of Art […]

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