David Reddick

David Reddick


With over 25 years of experience as a professional cartoonist, David Reddick has made significant contributions to the world of comics. Beyond his role with the Blondie team, David has showcased his talents by writing and illustrating for renowned titles such as Garfield, Popeye, Flash Gordon, Star Trek, and Roddenberry Entertainment.

In addition to these accomplishments, David is the creative force behind two syndicated comics, “Legend of Bill” and “Intelligent Life,” both featured through King Features Syndicate. His creative prowess extends beyond comics, encompassing work in comic books, manga, and animation. David has also left his mark on editorial illustration and cartoon projects for various newspaper chains.

Beyond cartoons, David Reddick is a versatile artist who demonstrates his finesse in fine art. His paintings have been exhibited in galleries and museums across Indiana, Florida, Michigan, England, and France, showcasing the depth and diversity of his artistic talents.