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Introducing Beetle Moses: A New Wave of Laughter and Creativity at Comics Kingdom!

By Alex Garcia
Introducing Beetle Moses: A New Wave of Laughter and Creativity at Comics Kingdom!

Today, I’m thrilled to announce an exciting new addition to our family of extraordinary comics – Beetle Moses by the incredibly talented Harris Fishman. As a Comics Kingdom editor, I’ve witnessed many unique talents, but Harris brings something special to our platform.

Beetle Moses: A Mosaic of Humor, Art, and Ingenuity

Beetle Moses stands out with its diverse mix of themes – a fun concoction of animals, nature, movies, and pop culture parodies, all served with humor. This comic series is more than just a series of panels; it’s a gateway to a world where the absurd becomes the norm, and every punchline is a surprise waiting to be discovered.

Harris’s vision for Beetle Moses is nothing short of revolutionary. His outsider style and engaging storytelling promise to offer our readers a fresh perspective on the world around us, filtered through the lens of humor and artistic flair. This comic is not just for the comic buffs; it’s for anyone and everyone who enjoys a good laugh blended with creativity.

Meet Harris Fishman: The Artist Redefining Webcomics

Harris’s journey to becoming the mastermind behind Beetle Moses is as intriguing as his comics. A self-taught artist, his passion for cartoons and painting led him to leave his job in 2022 to pursue his dream. His dedication and unique style quickly earned him a spot among the notable names in the webcomic community.

Despite his rising popularity on social media, Harris remains committed to challenging himself, constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in webcomics.

Launch Details

We officially welcomed Beetle Moses to our Comics Kingdom universe on January 7, 2024. In a treat to our readers, new strips will be available four times a week, ensuring a regular dose of Harris’s unique brand of humor and artistry.

Your Invitation to Explore Beetle Moses

I encourage each of you to dive into the quirky and imaginative world of Beetle Moses on our website. Here, you’ll find Harris’s latest creations and a community of fans and enthusiasts sharing their love for this exceptional comic.

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Join Us in Celebrating Beetle Moses

As part of our Comics Kingdom community, your support and engagement mean everything to us and our artists. Follow Beetle Moses on social media, share your favorite strips, and join the conversation with fellow fans.

Stay tuned for more updates, exclusive content, and your regular fix of Beetle Moses, only on Comics Kingdom!

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