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A Preview of “Insanity Streak,” Arriving on Oct. 2

By The Countess

The punchline is nearer than ever! As the newest digital comic to enter the Comics Kingdom family, Tony Lopes’ witty comic strip Insanity Streak supplies us with much-needed comedic relief. Labeled as a comic strip “with an obsessive desire for the absurd,” the jokes are limitless in Insanity Streak because the strip is unbound by a storyline, characters, or locations. The world is genuinely Lopes’ oyster.

Insanity Streak’s crisp and colorful cartoon style excels in how it envelops readers and welcomes them through its cozy familiarity. Scenes occur in various clever settings, from the dry desert to the emptiness of space, giving Lopes the creative avenue to switch up the subject matter from strip to strip. “I enjoy the freedom of taking the readers anywhere,” Lopes explained.

Lopes grew up in Sydney, Australia, and currently lives there with his wife, Lori, and two sons. He divides his time between being a family man and working to make people laugh through his art.

So, mark your calendars on Oct. 2 for the launch of Insanity Streak on Comics Kingdom. We always look forward to strips that can help us escape from the mundane and revel in the absurd.