Bill Bettwy


Follow along as a shipping products company sales team muddles their way through crazy but relatable adventures as they do everything and anything to make the sale. And we mean ANYTHING.
That alone is enough drama, but that's not all there is. We will also follow them home to witness the disasters that are their personal lives. And on top of that, more drama will be pumped in by sales directors, marketing promotions, confusing CRM's, and being undercut by their top competitors' sales counterparts.
Everyone is in sales in one way or another, or has been in sales in one way or another, so every situation will be relatable in one way or another.


Roger - Outside Sales Rep

Several years ago, Roger and his wife found themselves on the tail end of a pyramid scheme and have been trying to dig themselves out of debt ever since. But no matter how much money he makes, it just never seems to be enough.
If stress doesn't do him in, then trying to learn the company's 3rd CRM in 3 years or his mild case of sleep apnea will.

Deborah - Outside Sales Rep

She's flirty and, after 4 failed marriages, she's up for anything! Her customer lunches usually morph into whiskey sours and menthol cigarettes, and that level of customer service helps offset her inability to timely return phone calls or respond to emails.
She's often mistaken for having a high level of confidence, when really it's a low number of give-a-shoots.

Freida - Outside Sales Rep

Freida's trying to find out if sales are her thing on ride-alongs with the sales director. Trying to move around cells and columns in Excel is constantly stressing Freida out and causing her to retreat to her happy place - which is social media to post duckface selfies.
Giddy and nervous, Freida giggles at everything and her extreme levels of anxiety won't drop until she finished her post-call entry.

Matty - Outside Sales Rep

Matty's territory is loaded with whales and industrial parks so he can spend the better part of his day monitoring his fantasy football team and hitting up the local casino while the sales roll in.
He never has any marketing materials with him and he isn't even sure of all of the sku's in the ShipIT shipping products catalog.

Jojo - Outside Sales Rep

Jojo's number of pipeline prospects is almost as bad as his body odor but an inherited gravy account, which is the biggest customer on ShipIT's books, is the only reason for him still being on payroll.
Living beside a strip club is one reason why Jojo live paycheck to paycheck.

Jose - Director Of Sales

Jose is a nice guy, but don't make him mad. You won't like Jose when he's mad. He always has the backs of his sales team...We think. Always being accessible leaves Jose constantly hounded by his team with every dumb little problem they have.
Jose enjoys restaurant meetings, Catholic masses, and episodes of Mtv's Floribama Shore.

Tammy - Inside Sales Rep

This two-faced sneak will light you up the second you leave the room. Tammy is a know-it-all whose passion is to steal coded customers out of the ShipIT sales CRM.
Just in case you didn't know, Tammy will make sure to always bring up the places where she used to work and how they did things there.

Rahnny - Marketing

Everyone believes Rahnny is a super slick marketing-SEO guru. Whenever asked about the company's SEO ranking or social media metrics, the answers are so convoluted that it comes off as if he is a genius, when in fact the answers are just a click of a mouse away.
He's very helpful...Unless you ask him to provide a hard ROI from one of his marketing campaigns.

Sheila - Customer Service

Sheila is fun and always positive, which seems impossible seeing that at home she's a single mom who has everything from a sick mother to a young son who swears he can see dead people. Bills, car problems, and a bad back from her time in the Marine Corps can't stop her from spreading a little sunshine to everyone around her.
Probably the best customer service rep ever but never gets any recognition at all.


Bill Bettwy

Bill has been creating cartoons in some form or another for quite some time. It started back in the ‘90s where he produced character design and development, production bibles, and storyboards for animated projects.

Then in 2005 while drawing editorial cartoons for a local paper, Bill created a comic strip that caught the eye of the editors at King Features. That comic turned into Take it from the Tinkersons.

Six years later, Bill debuted King Features' first digitally-syndicated comic, #Sales.

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