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In the 1930s, E.C. Segar added a new feature to the end of the “Thimble Theatre” Sunday comic page called "Popeye's Cartoon Club." In it, he offered quick drawing lessons and invited fans to submit their own cartoons to be published alongside one of the most famous comic characters of all time -- Popeye! 

Now, to honor the legacy of “Thimble Theatre,” we're bringing “Popeye's Cartoon Club” back, but with a twist! This time, we are inviting artists of all kinds to write and draw their own Sunday comic strip featuring Popeye and his friends. We’ll be publishing one strip a week for the full year of 2019.

Come share your love of Popeye with your favorite artists and help us wish everyone’s favorite Sailor Man a very happy birthday! 

Participating artists:

1/17: Liniers, Macanudo


Popeye's Cartoon Club invites creators from all corners of the cartooning world to imagine Popeye with their own sensibilities. From comic strips to comic books, animation, illustration, and more, Popeye's Cartoon Club is a tribute to E.C. Segar's inspirational character and Popeye's legacy. 

1/17: Liniers
1/27: Roger Langridge 

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