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By Liniers


About Macanudo

Join a world of wonderment as it spills from the inkwell of the singularly imaginative Liniers. Macanudo overflows with characters as varied as they are endearing. You’re just as likely to see them prancing across a dreamscape as walking down the street where you live.

No other comic strip will invite you to ponder the mysteries of life and great literature with a little girl named Henrietta and her stuffed bear, Mandelbaum, or waddle alongside a penguin through chilly wind-swept dunes at the tip of South America.

No other comic strip will whirl you away on a fancifully mundane journey with an imaginary monster friend named Olga or so perfectly capture the stomach butterflies of first love. And no other comic strip will take you to all those places with the same humor and charm and irreverence as Macanudo, which in Argentina means “cool.”

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