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Judge Parker

By Francesco Marciuliano & Mike Manley


About Judge Parker

Judge Parker has a theme of caring about people and of life as it used to be — of virtue rewarded,” says a fan of more than 20 years in Atlanta. Judge Parker was created in 1952 by psychiatrist Dr. Nicholas P. Dallis, the originator of two other successful “soap-opera” comic strips, Rex Morgan, M.D. and Apartment 3-G. The strip chronicles the lives — in and out of the courtroom – of Judge Alan Parker, Sam Driver and Abbey Spencer. With its true-to-life storylines, drama and suspense, Judge Parker has kept readers in 175 newspapers nationwide hooked.

Meet the Creators

  • Francesco Marciuliano Featured Image

    Francesco Marciuliano

    Francesco Marciuliano (somehow chant that name three times fast and he will appear in your house completely bewildered and perhaps in mid-shave) graduated Duke University with a double major in English and Professional /Personal Anxiety. A copywriter by trade and a cartoonist by childhood whimsy, Francesco (who goes by “Ces,” a nickname that is inexplicably […]

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  • Mike Manley Featured Image

    Mike Manley

    Mike Manley was born in Detroit and has been a working comic book professional since the age of 23. His powerful and expressive drawings, dynamic inks and strong story telling skills have made him an in-demand artist for some of comic’s top titles for all of the major publishers. In 1984, Manley moved to Philadelphia […]

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