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Flash Gordon

Few comic strips have captured readers\' imaginations like Flash Gordon. Originated in 1934 by legendary comic-strip artist Alex Raymond, Flash Gordon has set the standard for science-fiction adventure, even inspiring such modern-day classics as Star Wars.

For more than seven decades, loyal fans have explored the stars with the comics\' most famous intergalactic adventurer, his female companion Dale Arden, and scientist, Dr. Hans Zarkov.

In addition to the comic strip, Flash has also starred in a live-action serial, a radio show, novels, comic books, animated cartoons, and he even appeared on his own U.S. postage stamp.


Flash Gordon

An All-American athlete who was kidnapped from Earth and thrust into the middle of a raging war on the distant Planet Mongo. Caught between the forces of Prince Barin, the rightful ruler of Mongo, and Ming the Merciless, self-proclaimed emperor of the universe, this ordinary man became a hero by displaying extraordinary courage. Under Flash's leadership, the oppressed people of Mongo were finally able to rise up and escape Ming's long reign of terror.

Dale Arden

Loved by Flash Gordon, desired by Ming the Merciless. The courageous Dale Arden has been by Flash's side since they were both kidnapped and taken to Mongo. Through the years, Dale's character has gradually been transformed from helpless love interest to capable partner.

Ming the Merciless

Tyrant. Dictator. The most evil and hated man in the universe. Ming viciously enslaved the inhabitants of Mongo until his overthrow by Flash Gordon and his powerful alliance. A deed that Ming has sworn to avenge.

Dr. Hans Zarkov

One of the most brilliant scientists the world has ever known. Driven mad with the knowledge of Earth's imminent demise, it was Dr. Zarkov who forced Flash and Dale to accompany him on his spaceship to change the course of the approaching Mongo. Dr. Zarkov's scientific prowess has made him an invaluable ally in the fight against Ming.

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