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About Break of Day

Break of Day started in 2003 in the college newspaper, The Guardian, at Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio, where cartoonist, Nate Fakes, was attending. During college, batches of the cartoons were sent to MAD Magazine in New York City, which landed Nate an internship with the publication. After a brief hiatus, Break of Day became self-syndicated in newspapers and then syndicated online in 2011. The comics now appear worldwide in greeting cards, magazines, advertisements, viral comics on social media, and just about anywhere that appreciates off-the-wall humor. Nate has always had a very short attention span, so the goal of the strip has always been to feature a very short, quick, and fun cartoon that only takes a few seconds to read. And that’s why it’s called, Break of Day. Because, well, hopefully, it can deliver you a fun break from your day.

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