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Between Friends

By Sandra Bell-Lundy


About Between Friends

Between Friends zeroes in on the juicy, little nitty-gritty details of the lives of three fifty-something women friends. Witty and personal, sometimes poignant and candid, this slice-of-slice strip celebrates “women-of-almost-a-certain-age” in all their stress-filled, scintillating glory!

When Sandra Bell-Lundy began her strip, Between Friends, her characters, Susan, Maeve and Kim were in their thirties…not unlike Sandra herself. Over time, the strip evolved. Susan faced infertility and adopted a daughter; Kim married and became a step-mother; and Maeve continued to enjoy her dynamic career and navigate her footloose and fancy-free divorcee status.

The women commiserated over office politics, motherhood, romance and career angst. Over time they began to wear reading glasses. Their kids became teenagers. University tuitions beckoned. Menopause came knocking. And…before they (or Sandra) knew it-

Hellooo, Fifties.

So, what’s life like for women in their fifties? It’s a time of transition. The empty nest. Cranky knees. Ageism in the workplace. And the confidence to strike out in new directions!

“I don’t know why but your current storyline has me so fascinated that when I open the LA Times online, I go straight to it!”

“Love, absolutely love Between Friends. The characters are so real.”

“I’ve always enjoyed your work, but the current storyline is incredible. Even my 79 year old father who, upon getting the paper in the mornings would go straight to the obituaries, now goes straight to Between Friends to see what happens next between Susan and Kyle.”

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