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Andrea E. Beizer


About Alice

Alice may be described as an older woman…or a maturing woman…or a woman of a “certain age” –  as she is trying to make it in a society that doesn’t always “see” her.  The Alice cartoon series explores the character’s personality as she struggles with herself, her relationships and society in general.

There are many metaphors used in the cartoons such as a house, a mirror, animals, buildings, Aliens from outer space, and the sun for example. The house depicts her longing for home and deeper relationship with her boyfriend, while the mirror only reinforces her insecurities about aging.  The Aliens, new characters to the line-up, represent our modern anxieties about global warming, war, AI and other issues that we mortals (Alice included) struggle with and that seem beyond our abilities to solve or control.  Many of the cartoons take place in public spaces, often revealing both personal and universal issues simultaneously. 

“Alice is largely defined by her unique perspectives and mannerisms – in particular, her quips which are typically meant to be double entendres.  Is she being comedic, dead-pan serious, or a bit of both?  Her comments embody dueling interpretations that are the core of Alice’s persona…but no matter her situation, she is resilient.  Her unique outlook on life and her eccentric points of view continually entertain and engage readers as they follow Alice’s quirky journey through life”.  by Leah Douglas; Chief Curator of Exhibitions at the Philadelphia International Airport. 2017

The drawing style relies heavily on line and is minimalist.  Only a few elements may be found in each drawing, as they are needed.  An example is the city landscape, which shows just a hint of buildings in the background.  Original drawings are ink on Mylar and colored in Photoshop.

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