Andrea  Beizer

Andrea Beizer


Andrea Beizer is an artist, cartoonist, architect and college professor.  The one informs the other, each part being an important facet of her life.  While practicing architecture full time, she decided to create a cartoon strip as a means of personal expression.  She joined the Publication Committee of the Philadelphia Chapter of the American Institute of Architects and asked if she could contribute a monthly cartoon strip.  Thus, Alice was born.  The cartoon strip was created in the 1980s (1984 – 89) for the “Philadelphia Architect”, a monthly publication for the Philadelphia Chapter of the American Institute of Architects.  The strip was also published in the Manhattan Comic News in 1990.

The Alice cartoon strip of the 1980s primarily dealt with issues concerning architecture and urban planning. After a long hiatus, and at the encouragement of friends and colleagues, Alice was reborn in 2013.  For the new Alice, Andrea decided to make the strip about the inner life of a maturing (aging) woman, and her struggles to find her place in society.

This past year has brought the addition of several new characters to the Alice lineup, including the two aliens from outer space that live in her basement.  Along with the new characters, Andrea hopes to continue working on the strip as it offers an opportunity to develop Alice as a character with whom many can relate, as she struggles with herself, those around her, and her time and place in history.

Andrea has exhibited the strip at the Cerulean Arts Gallery, Art of the State: Pennsylvania 2018 at the State Museum of Pennsylvania, Art in the Age of Injustice: Women’s Caucus for Art: About Alice: A cartoon by Andrea Beizer, Philadelphia International Airport. The strip was published monthly in the online magazine called Humor Times, and was syndicated with the Ink Bottle Syndicate, LLC. prior to syndication with King Features Syndicate in 2023.

Many people ask Andrea how she came up with the name “Alice”.  When she was in kindergarten at J. Hampton Moore Elementary in Philadelphia, she was friendly with a very sweet little girl named Alice. It was on a visit to Alice’s home that she discovered the Dr. Seuss books which made a huge impression on her. It was at that time, that Andrea decided to become an Artist.

When not working on Alice, Andrea enjoys the company of her parrot, family and friends in addition to teaching at Moore College of Art and Design.