Join a world of wonderment as it spills from the inkwell of the singularly imaginative Liniers. Macanudo overflows with characters as varied as they are endearing. You’re just as likely to see them prancing across a dreamscape as walking down the street where you live.

No other comic strip will invite you to ponder the mysteries of life and great literature with a little girl named Henrietta and her stuffed bear, Mandelbaum, or waddle alongside a penguin through chilly wind-swept dunes at the tip of South America.

No other comic strip will whirl you away on a fancifully mundane journey with an imaginary monster friend named Olga or so perfectly capture the stomach butterflies of first love. And no other comic strip will take you to all those places with the same humor and charm and irreverence as Macanudo, which in Argentina means “cool.”


Henrietta, Fellini & Mandelbaum

An independent, very smart and book-loving little girl, Henrietta enjoys swings, stars and conversations with her partner in crime, sarcastic cat Fellini and her catatonic teddy bear, Mandelbaum.

Martin & Olga

Imagination is funny, and this is especially true of Olga, Martin’s imaginary giant blue monster friend. Olga represents our collective childhood memories and imagination, their fragility against an ever more distracting reality.

Gudrun and Huberta

When these two not-so-frightening witches aren't preparing nasty potions, bewitching one another or walking their pet dragon, they are doing their housework or going shopping with their skinny cat any regular old ladies.


Acerbic and sometimes solitary, the penguins offer insight into a natural world that is literally melting away.


Colorfully fashion-minded, surreal and mischievous, the gnomes are a way to distill the whimsy and coincidence of everyday life, the leprechauns of comics.

The Mysterious Man In Black

This character is so Mysterious that even the author himself knows nothing about him. He defies the limits of mystery with his mysterious ways of being mysterious.



Liniers is the creator of the daily strip Macanudo and graphic novels for younger readers, including the Eisner Award-winning Good Night, Planet. For the last 16 years, Liniers has been writing and drawing Macanudo, which has been published daily in Argentina by La Nación since 2002 and as English-language collections in the United States since 2014.

It has grown to be one of the most celebrated cartoon strips in South America, and Liniers has become one of the continent’s most popular cartoonists — currently boasting more than 950,000 followers on Facebook and more than 760,000 on Twitter. Liniers won the Inkpot Award for career achievement in 2018.

Liniers currently resides in Vermont, where he is participating in a fellowship with the Center for Cartoon Studies, teaching at Dartmouth College, and drawing Macanudo daily.



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