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NEWS AROUND THE KINGDOM: The Evolution of Willy Black: From T-Shirt Design to Comic Strip Character

By Alex Garcia
NEWS AROUND THE KINGDOM: The Evolution of Willy Black: From T-Shirt Design to Comic Strip Character

What began as a logo and name for a T-shirt brand in 2010 has transformed into the central figure of a comic strip. Willy Black initially sketched as a pair of eyes and a twisted smile, leaped from sketchbook to sketchbook over the years, undergoing subtle aesthetic changes along the way. Today, Willy Black is the author’s alter ego and the main character of his namesake comic strip. Inspired by everyday life, creator Guillermo Saldana captures humorous, sarcastic, and relatable moments, exposing Willy Black to the universal challenge of existence.

Although not one to enjoy the spotlight, Willy Black finds himself at the center of this comic strip. At 40 years old, this grumpy, selfish, and sarcastic character struggles with anxiety in a society that feels increasingly foreign. Recognizing that he has accomplished little while complaining often, Willy observes life more closely. He engages with it, striving to make the second half of his life more productive and meaningful.

Guillermo Saldana is a cartoonist, illustrator, and the Willy Black comic strip creator. He was born in Mexico in 1982 and graduated with a Bachelor of Design in 2004. A lifelong passion for art and comics has driven Guillermo, and it’s rumored that some of his childhood comics still survive in a drawer somewhere in Mexico.

Fun facts about Guillermo include his love for camping – though we suspect he’s more of a “desktop camper,” as he spends his time watching camping videos on YouTube, and his closest encounter with nature has been at Montreal’s Mont-Royal park. He also enjoys survival video games but, ironically, is always the first to die. Guillermo currently resides in Montreal, Quebec, where he devotes half his time crafting the Willy Black comic strip, while the other half remains a mystery.

Don’t miss out on the latest adventures of Willy Black! New comic strips are released every Sunday, bringing humor and relatability to your week. Make sure to follow along as Willy navigates the challenges of life and searches for meaning in the second half of his journey.