August 13th, 2014

Ask A Cartoonist: Left-Handers’ Day!

by Countess Tea

Hi, all!

Today is International Left Handers’ Day! As a lefthanded person, I’ve decided that this means that today, everyone needs to write right-to-left so that all you righties can experience the agony of having ink smudged all over the side of your hand when you have to write something out with a pen! (Though personally, I’d love to switch to a bottom-to-top language– it seems the most fair!)

Well, in reality, I thought it would be fun to ask our cartoonists to draw something with the “wrong” hand. Our “rightie” cartoonists drew something with their left hands, while our “lefties” drew with their right hands.

And of course, since I’d never ask a cartoonist to do something I won’t do, here’s my right-handed drawing to start things off!





Waiting in the wings for the day when I can no longer hold a pen in my right hand—“Lefty the Pinhead”.

–Bill Griffith, Zippy the Pinhead


Here’s Oscar, looking a little wobbly!

–Alex Hallatt, Arctic Circle

As a left-hander myself I’ve done something very sneaky all these years. Each and every one of my characters is a lefty. I sometimes wonder how many readers notice, but it’s probably more obvious in Fastrack that the computer mouse is always on that side of the keyboard.


–Bill Holbrook, On the Fastrack and Safe Havens


–Terri Libenson, The Pajama Diaries

Mother Packer Right handed…

Mother Packer left handed…

–Bud Grace, The Piranha Club

–David Reddick, Intelligent Life


The sketch I did was my only attempt. Practicing first would have defeated the purpose. It was more difficult than I had imagined, and I found it interesting that I chose to work small. An attempt to work larger would’ve produced disastrous results.

–John Hambrock, The Brilliant Mind of Edison Lee


–Mort Walker, Beetle Bailey


–Kieran Meehan, Pros and Cons

I am a leftie, and the drawing at the top was done with my right hand – the one below it with my left.

–Isabella Bannerman, Six Chix

I couldn’t do it at all with a brush, so I used a pencil… looks like Tina’s eating a piece of barbed wire.

–Rina Piccolo, Tina’s Groove and Six Chix




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