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Slylock Fox

By Bob Weber Jr.


About Slylock Fox

Slylock Fox and Comics for Kids takes readers on a daily adventure that delivers brain teasers and visual puzzles, art lessons and an opportunity to sharpen their keen deductive skills in a unique comic activity featuring a friendly cast of mystery-solving furry characters. When it comes to crime-fighting, no one outsmarts the beloved Slylock Fox and Max Mouse, as they face off against Count Weirdly, Cassandra Cat and the rest of Forestville’s band of underhanded crooks and deceitful schemers.

Meet the Creators

  • Bob Weber Jr. Featured Image

    Bob Weber Jr.

    Bob Weber Jr. is the award-winning creator of Slylock Fox. Bob’s cartoons have appeared in leading national magazines and Slylock Fox is featured in Moby Max, a multi-award winning remote learning provider reaching over one million students per week. Bob is also co-creator of Oh, Brother! Brat Attack, a #1 best-selling children’s cartoon book published […]

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  • Bob Weber Sr. Featured Image

    Bob Weber Sr.

    Bob Weber Sr., creator of Moose and Molly, always knew he wanted to be a professional cartoonist. He attended the School of Visual Arts in New York City in 1953. Weber worked for trade journals and wrote gag ideas for other cartoonists. He got his biggest break after meeting cartoonist Dick Cavelli. Weber wrote the […]

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