Bob Weber Jr.


Kids all over the world look forward to the capers of Slylock Fox and his sidekick, Max Mouse. They know that each week they will be entertained by loads of fun facts, challenging brainteasers, helpful tips and jokes.

More than 400 newspapers make Bob Weber Jr.'s Slylock Fox and Comics For Kids the world's most successful activity feature.


Slylock Fox

Bad guys of the world beware! Slylock Fox is on the case. The brave Scarlet Sleuth uses his keen eyesight and sharp mind to help him unravel even the toughest mysteries. That's why, when it comes to solving crimes, no one outfoxes the Fox.

Max Mouse

What would any crime-fighter be without a trusty companion? And Max Mouse is one of the best! This faithful sidekick is by Slylock's side through thick and thin to help him find even the tiniest of clues. That's what makes them an unbeatable team.

Chief Mutt

Even the best law enforcement officers can use a little help now and then to crack the toughest cases. This police chief doesn't hesitate to call in the experts . It's Slylock Fox and Max Mouse to the rescue!

Count Weirdly

Slylock's most fiendish foe! The menacing Count is a threat to everyone around him as he plots one criminal caper after another. Luckily, he's no match for Slylock, who always uncovers Weirdly's evil plans in time.


Bob Weber Jr.

Bob Weber, Jr. is the award-winning creator of Slylock Fox and Comics For Kids, one of the world’s most popular children’s comic strips. Distributed by King Features Syndicate to nearly 400 newspapers worldwide, Slylock Fox and Comics For Kids entertains young readers with visual puzzles, how-to-draw lessons, gags and informative facts about nature, pet care, conservation, the environment, history, geography, safety and self-esteem.

Weber, Jr.’s cartoons have appeared in Good Housekeeping, Ladies’ Home Journal and Reader’s Digest. In addition, Weber, Jr. has received many awards for his website,, including “Educational Best Bet” (USA Today), “Best of the Web” (, “Best of the Net” and “Showcase Site of the Week” ( In 1997, Slylock Fox and Comics For Kids was awarded a Parent’s Choice Approval Commendation by the Parent’s Choice Foundation, marking the first time a comic strip has ever been honored by the organization. Slylock Fox Brain Bogglers, an educational product licensed and manufactured by the Great American Puzzle Factory, was named among Dr. Toy’s “100 Best Children’s Products.”

Thrilled by the positive reception generated by his super-sleuth character, Weber, Jr. founded the children’s art blog,, which showcases thousands of drawings from kids.

Bob Weber Sr.

Bob Weber Sr.  always knew he wanted to be a professional cartoonist. He attended the School of Visual Arts in New York City in 1953.

Weber worked for trade journals and wrote gag ideas for other cartoonists. He got his biggest break after meeting cartoonist Dick Cavelli. Weber wrote the overworked Cavelli a letter asking to be his assistant, and while he did not get the job at first, he developed a long-lasting correspondence with the cartoonist. About six months later, Weber moved to Connecticut to work as Cavelli's assistant.

Weber has taught cartooning at the Smithsonian Institution and several libraries and YMCAs in Connecticut, where he and his family live.



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