Tommy Devoid


Never Been Deader
Never Been Deader follows the wildly relatable Lifeless Carl as he reluctantly journeys through the afterlife. Most of Carl’s time is spent in the offices of Afterlife Industries, where he works in the Department of Intake for the recently deceased. He is joined by his dead colleagues, who are equally reluctant to be there but are always ready to complain about their jobs over some coffee.


Lifeless Carl

Carl is the relatable skeleton star of Never Been Deader. He is just trying to make ends meet like the rest of us. Sure, he may be a little dead inside, but that’s how it goes when you are lifeless.<br>


Myrtle is Carl’s coworker, closest friend, and fellow coffee drinker. She is always down for a break to discuss the day’s work related shenanigans.


Newbie is the newest addition at Afterlife Industries and is being regretfully trained by Carl. He tends to ask a lot of questions, but wouldn’t you, if you just died and realized you still had to work?


Roger is the boss and is all business. Nothing more, nothing less. Although, on occasion, he’s good for a very dry and not very funny joke, usually at Carl’s expense.


Deb is Carl’s therapist. If it wasn’t for her, Carl would probably go insane, or more insane. She is always there for honest, logical, and sometimes tough, advice.


Karen doesn’t work in the HR department, she is the HR department. If there’s any issue that needs “HR”ing, she’s on it, usually before it even happens.


Furball is Carl’s snarky feline who has no internal filter and a blatant distaste for humanity. Deep down inside, he cares about Carl, but is more concerned about when he is going to be fed next.


Tommy Devoid

Tommy Devoid is a self taught artist and cartoonist from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Tommy started out as a pen and ink artist, and eventually expanded into the world of digital media. He has gained popularity in recent years on social media for his uniquely vivid, colorful skeleton creations in combination with his wicked and at times ghastly sense of humor. His ever evolving skill set resulted in his newest creation, the comic Never Been Deader. After drawing a small sketch of Lifeless Carl, he knew that he had found his most relatable star to date.

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