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Mary Worth

By Karen Moy & June Brigman


About Mary Worth

First appearing in 1938, Mary Worth is one of the longest-running continuity strips or “comic-page soap operas” mdash a genre dedicated to the millions of readers who thrive on continued stories told in brief daily episodes with cliffhanger endings.

Contrary to popular belief, Mary Worth is not a continuation of the Depression Era favorite Apple Mary. The strip was created as a replacement feature offered to newspapers when Martha Orr, who created the dowdy apple peddler, retired. The only thing the new title character had in common with her predecessor was a first name. She appeared as she is today: a well-spoken gentlewoman with a knack for quoting proverbs and surrounding herself with interesting people whose lives reflect the daily concerns of society.

Past stories have confronted social issues, such as juvenile delinquency, unwed motherhood, drug addiction, spouse abuse, alcoholism, infidelity, concerns of the elderly and the generation gap.

The reader is asked to remember that Mary Worth stories are not about Mary. They are about a continuing parade of people who enter Mary’s life. If you look closely, you may recognize one of your neighbors mdash or even yourself.

Meet the Creators

  • June Brigman Featured Image

    June Brigman

    June Brigman has enjoyed a long and varied career as a cartoonist, drawing such comic book titles as Alpha Flight, Supergirl, and Star Wars. She is the co-creator (with Louise Simonson) of the Power Pack series from Marvel Comics. She is also the co-creator (with Stuart Moore) of the Captain Ginger series from Ahoy Comics. […]

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  • Karen Moy Featured Image

    Karen Moy

    Karen Moy began writing the Mary Worth comic strip in early 2004. She is a graduate of State University of New York at Binghamton with a degree in art. Her love of comics and storytelling led to her writing duties on the Mary Worth strip which she had been a fan of for many years. […]

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