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Edge City

By Terry & Patty LaBan


About Edge City

Meet the Ardins! They’re the stars of Edge City, a groundbreaking comic strip that follows a hip Jewish-American family juggling relationships, careers and tradition at the fast pace of modern life. Len owns a delivery service, and Abby is a psychologist. Fueled by caffeine and gasoline, they and their kids, Colin and Carly, power their way through self-employment, after-school activities, pursuing their dreams and lining up for carpool.

Len and Abby take stress for granted—but not each other. Modern marriage isn’t easy, but the Ardins make it work, facing what life throws at them with intelligence, humor and an occasional hissy fit. It also helps to have friends and family, the latest self-help book, weekend rock-and-roll sessions and decent carryout. So, pack the kids off to school, grab a latte and try to beat rush hour on I-25—it’s life on the edge every day in Edge City!

Meet the Creators

  • Patty Laban Featured Image

    Patty Laban

    Patty LaBan is a psychotherapist, parent, daughter and wife based in the Philadelphia area. She enjoys collaborating with Terry, her husband of over 30 years, on creative projects as well as traveling and writing.

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  • Terry Laban Featured Image

    Terry Laban

    Terry LaBan is a cartoonist, graphic recorder and illustrator. He started his career as a political cartoonist, then worked for many years in the comic book industry as both an artist and writer. In 2001, he and his wife Patty started creating the daily comic strip “Edge City.” Terry’s company, Breakthrough Visuals (https://breakthroughvisuals.com/), creates graphic […]

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