Victor Van Acker


Dumplings is a fun, little comic strip about a girl (Dani), her dog (Benny) and the friends in each of their lives. The strip follows the characters around as they traverse the ups and downs of life; everything from student council coups, exam anxieties, and soccer team walk-outs to tongues frozen to stair railings, fights over sidewalk pizza, and trips to the ice cream stand.



Benny is a very friendly, lovable and wide-eyed little dog. His owner is Dani and his two best friends are Mac and Leo.Benny has led a rather sheltered life with Dani and, as a result, is a bit clueless and naive when it comes to most things. Paired with the equally clueless Mac, Benny finds himself in many amusing (though not for him) misunderstandings, predicaments and adventures. Benny can become a bit anxious and frustrated at times (mostly with Mac). However, he will always be a very, very good boy who absolutely loves Dani, is loyal to his friends, and possesses an amazingly big heart.


Mac is a very self-assured, out-spoken yet extremely clueless little cat. Though technically a stray, he has found a home (or at least a food dish and an open door) with Dani and Benny. His two best friends are Benny and Leo. Because he grew up on the streets, Mac believes he knows everything about everything. Unfortunately, he is just as clueless as his canine comrade, Benny.


Leo is an extremely grumpy cat made even grumpier by the inane doings of Mac and Benny. The fact that Leo is rather intelligent makes the cluelessness of the other two that much more frustrating. He has no problem setting them straight, though.When all is said and done, Leo just wants food and a nice quiet place to nap (preferably alone and in the sun).

Daniela (Dani) Diaz

Daniela (Dani) Diaz is a very bright, ambitious and determined 10-year-old girl. She is Benny's owner and best friends with Franny. Dani is a classic overachiever who participates and excels in every possible thing. She is head of her class, coach of the girls' soccer team, president of the student council and will undoubtedly be in charge of many clubs and organizations to come. Despite her many commitments, Dani always has time for the ones she loves. She is a very caring and responsible owner for Benny and a devoted friend to Franny.

Francine (Franny) Andersen

Francine (Franny) Andersen is the couch and potato chip-loving, perpetually befuddled, "solid D" classmate and best friend of Dani. She is the only girl in a house with four brothers. She has no real connection to any of the animal characters. She tolerates Benny as a requisite part of her friendship with Dani, but shows no special fondness for the dog. As can surely be guessed, Franny is Dani's complete polar opposite. Franny would be entirely content watching TV and snacking all day. In reality, though, she is extremely active and involved, for she will follow Dani into whatever club, sport or organization that Dani currently leads.


Victor Van Acker

Victor has been drawing and doodling for as long as he can remember. His drawings started becoming cute little dogs and cats when his children were small and he'd join them for coloring time.

The characters and stories that eventually became Dumplings were always just a fun way to entertain his family. However, in 2022, Victor sold the ice cream stand that he and his family had owned for 15 years. He figured this was as good a time as any to really make something of his comic and a year later, Dumplings was born.

Victor lives in the Chicago-area with his wife, three kids, a cat and a dog. When he's not drawing, he's teaching study skills to a bunch of rowdy middle schoolers.

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