Beware of Toddler

George Gant


From crayon-based cuisine to impromptu games of hide-and-seek, The Toddler spends her days tormenting her father in a never-ending pursuit of cookies and juice. Beware of Toddler is Based on creator George Gant’s experiences as a stay-at-home parent.


Dady (Gary)

The Toddler

The Toddler is an Actress, Doctor, Executive Chef, Artist, Professional Wrestler, Humanitarian,Politician, and whatever else she decides to become at any given moment. She wants to do itall & she isn’t going to let the fact she is only two years old get in her way.

Big Brova

The Toddler’s older brother and a career elementary school student. He is constantly annoyed by his younger sister but will assist her if cookies are involved.


Momy (as known by The Toddler) is an office manager and The Toddler’s mother. She loves her family but doesn’t quite understand how much damage a toddler can cause during the day. Her face is rarely visible as she is almost always at work.

The Quadrupus

The Toddler’s favorite stuffed toy and sidekick. Machine washable, luckily.


When Dady and The Toddler are out and about, they come across a diverse, eccentric group ofpeople, from nosy neighbors to baristas and other toddlers, each with antics of their own.


George Gant

From an early age, George Gant knew he wanted to draw cartoons. He spent countless hoursdrawing at home, in school, and anywhere with pencil and paper available. George eventuallybegan drawing editorial cartoons in his high school’s newspaper, winning four awards over three

years. After high school, George focused on college and work and stepped away from drawing.

That was until he re-discovered comics. Upon discovering comic strips such as The Boondocksand webcomics such as Penny Arcade he knew it was time to begin his comics journey. Alifelong gamer, he used his love for video games as the backdrop for his first webcomic, TheReset Button. In late 2008, he created On the Grind, a webcomic loosely based on hisexperiences working as a barista. On the Grind ran for several years with two book collectionspublished.

In 2013, George rebooted his webcomic The Reset Button as an all-ages cartoon. This iterationof the webcomic had one book collection published. Shortly after, George began working as afreelance comic artist, working on such books as Hero Cats of Stellar City.

2019 was the year that everything changed. One day during a random game of hide-and-seekwith his two-year-old daughter, he hid in a closet. Instead of looking for him for a few minuteslike most toddlers would, she immediately found him. He found the experience so funny that itled him to draw a comic about it. That comic would eventually become the first Beware ofToddler.

Beware of Toddler would gain popularity fairly quickly, leading to more projects for George suchas Angel Face Investigates, a comic strip published in The Beano, a children’s comic magazinebased in the United Kingdom, and illustrations for Ranger Rick Magazine.

The antics of The Toddler and Dady would eventually be nominated for a Ringo Award, aWebtoon Canvas Award, and Four Glyph Awards, winning one in 2022. In late-2021,ToddlerHood! a printed book collection was successfully funded on Kickstarter, and in 2022,Beware of Toddler joined King Features through the Comics Kingdom platform.

George currently resides In Chicago, Illinois with his wife and two children.

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