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Goomer Returns to North America Exclusively @ Comics Kingdom!

By Alex Garcia
Goomer Returns to North America Exclusively @ Comics Kingdom!

We are thrilled to announce the return of Goomer, the beloved comic strip created by Ricardo Martínez and Nacho Moreno, to North America exclusively on Comics Kingdom starting June 2nd, 2024. Goomer will once again bring its unique brand of humor and adventure to American audiences by publishing three times a week on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

Feature Description

On a far-off planet, way out there… that is where this fantastic galactic saga takes place. This story is full of horrible monsters, unknown life forms, strange extraterrestrials, and other indescribable beings. But all that’s nothing compared to the greatest danger of them all: an Earthling by the name of Goomer.**


Short, chubby, and balding, he’s a disaster waiting to happen as an astronaut. He was lost when he landed, saw a chance to make a buck, and stayed. What isn’t entirely clear is why he had to travel so far just to live off of a female.

This comely alien is Goomer’s girlfriend, although there are different schools of thought. (Mainly Elma’s and Goomer’s)

He’s Goomer’s best friend and the guy who pays all of Goomer’s bills when Elma’s not around.

Elma’s Parents
They have a comfortable existence, altered only when their daughter’s boyfriend creates havoc in their lives.

She lives away from home because she’s getting her university degree. But whenever she comes home, she has to deal with unwanted admiration from her sister’s boyfriend.

One of Goomer’s first friends on the planet. He has a heart of gold but is very irresponsible, making him constantly switch jobs.

His customs are a bit different than others on the planet, but he’s a lot like Goomer because he knows how to milk a situation. This similarity makes them clash.

Meet the Creators

Ricardo Martínez was born to Spanish parents in Santiago, Chile 1956. He moved with his family to Spain in 1969. By his first week in Madrid, he’d met Nacho – Ignacio Moreno – born in Vitoria, Spain, in 1957. Ever since they met, they became great friends and shared dreams, travels, and, above all, a passion for comics. This mutual love for the ‘funnies’ led them to unite Ricardo’s artistic talent with Nacho’s humorous narrative to create a strip to be published in the USA. This was how Goomer was born many years ago. This enduring friendship lasted until Nacho passed away in 2022.

A New Chapter Begins

Join us on this intergalactic journey filled with laughter and mischief as Goomer navigates life on a distant planet. With its rich history and beloved characters, Goomer promises to entertain both old fans and new readers alike. Don’t miss out on the fun—catch Goomer every Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday, only on Comics Kingdom!

Stay tuned for more updates, and be ready to embark on this cosmic adventure!

For more information on the history of Goomer, check out this article and Ricardo Martínez’s official site.