Comic Spotlight

The Saga of Brann Bjornson and Suburban Fairy Tales with Stephen Webster & Francis Bonnett

By Alex Garcia
The Saga of Brann Bjornson and Suburban Fairy Tales with Stephen Webster & Francis Bonnett

In this episode, Nadya Martinez dives into the vibrant world of two of Comics Kingdoms’ latest additions: The Saga of Brann Bjornsan by Stephen Webster and Suburban Fairy Tales by Francis Bonnet. Join us as we explore their comic origins, their journey to King Features, and much more!

Saga is the story of a Viking named Brann Bjornson and his large family as they cope with the modernization of their Nordic medieval world. Some things, such as mead, magic, and horned helmets, have remained. But now, rather than fight dragons, Vikings, such as Brann, work for them. Trolls work in the IT department, and witches work in HR.  

Saga’s protagonist Brann must now learn how to have adventures in a changed world, otherwise he’ll suffer from a midlife crisis. 

Ever wonder what “Once upon a time…” would look like in modern-day suburbia? For the Three Little Pigs, it’s more like a “Happily Ever Disaster!” Join these three brothers and other Fairy Tale Favorites as they hopelessly stumble their way through everyday life!

Little Pig #1, Little Pig #2, and Little Pig #3 strive to pay their rent and co-exist without stepping on each other’s hooves. But they have a typical sibling rivalry, and each has a knack for getting on the other’s nerves, which causes hilarious struggles in their otherwise seemingly safe brick house.

Their lives outside the home are far from pleasant and peaceful – their unfriendly neighbor, The Big Bad Wolf, will stop at nothing to turn their pork bellies into lunch! More…an unlikely romance has blossomed between the Big Bad Wolf’s sister, Wolfette, and Little Pig #3, much to the dismay of a fairy tale society that looks down on pigs dating wolves!

Will Little Pig #3’s brothers attempt to rid their house of wolves and ruin everything for this unlikely couple? Or will true love save these star-crossed lovers’ bacon?