Updates from Comics Kingdom: Enhancing Your Comic Experience with favorites!

By Alex Garcia
Updates from Comics Kingdom: Enhancing Your Comic Experience with favorites!

Hello, Comic Lovers!

We’re thrilled to share some exciting updates to Comics Kingdom! Our website’s new look and feel are about celebrating the wonderful world of cartooning and comics as art forms. And that’s not all – we’re adding more value to your Comics Kingdom experience. For our Premium members, this includes Early Access to your favorite comics and exclusive shop discounts. 

Today, we’re focusing on one of the most fun features: Favorites. Let’s dive into how they work, where you can read them daily, and what to expect as you browse through Comics Kingdom.

Adding New Favorites to Your List

Adding new comics to your favorites list is super simple. You can now automatically add comics to your list while browsing Comics Kingdom by clicking or tapping the heart icon in the top right corner of comic cards. 

Once you’ve favorited a comic, the heart icon will fill in and remain visible across the site for easy reference.

As an additional option, you can also add or manage your favorites list from an A-Z menu within your account dashboard’s Favorites section by clicking on Manage Favorites.

Once there, simply click or tap Edit Favorites and make your selections. 

Remember to save your selections by clicking/tapping update before exiting the menu.

How to View Your Favorite Comics

Once you have a list of favorites, accessing your favorite comics is a breeze! Simply click on Account and then Favorites in the global navigation bar to open your favorites reader.

This view will display all of your favorite comics, starting from today’s date and in the order they’re published on Comics Kingdom. Want to revisit past comics? No problem! You can jump to any previously published date in their timelines using the calendar dropdowns at the top of your favorites reader view.

Missed something? Quickly check previous comics by clicking the yesterday or previous day link in the top left corner of your reader view.

And here’s something special for our Premium Subscribers: get a sneak peek into the future with Early Access. Click on “peek at tomorrow” or “next day” in the top right corner of your favorites reader view to access up to 7 days of Early Access comics!

Looking Forward and a note on Vintage Favorites.

We believe it’s crucial to honor the origins of these timeless comics; presently, vintage comics are not included in your daily favorites view. While they won’t continue to publish with new dates, you can explore each comic’s archive and start your journey from any point within their timelines via our revamped comic reader and continue to receive them daily via our Daily Favorites email available to subscribers. But we’re not done yet! Even better availability and delivery of our vintage comics are in the pipeline. Your feedback has been invaluable.

Stay tuned for more updates from us here at Comics Kingdom. We’re constantly working to enhance your comic-reading experience and can’t wait to share more with you.

Keep the feedback coming; as always, we’re committed to Keeping the Comics Coming!

Happy Reading!

The Comics Kingdom Team