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Drawing the Future: Sarah Hartley & Olivia de Alba on Comics Kingdom’s Evolution

By Alex Garcia
Drawing the Future: Sarah Hartley & Olivia de Alba on Comics Kingdom’s Evolution

This week, we’re joined by guests Sarah Hartley, a wizard in brand strategy, and Olivia de Alba, a powerhouse of artistic talent who helped King Features reimagine and bring the new Comics Kingdom to fruition. We will unpack the changing tides of comic artistry, marketing genius, and what’s on the horizon for our beloved realm of comics.

In addition, get ready to experience Comics Kingdom like never before! We’re delighted to announce the relaunch of our website on Feb. 28.

Our journey began in early 2023 and has been a blend of creativity and innovation, working alongside world-class developers to enhance every aspect of Comics Kingdom. Our new website will boast a unique visual identity and an optimized user experience designed with you in mind. From front-end wireframes to a streamlined user interface, our focus has been creating an attractive and user-friendly platform.

Our commitment to a clean and intuitive UI design is at the heart of this transformation. We believe simplicity and elegance are vital to ensuring a seamless experience for you, whether browsing, subscribing, or engaging with our content.

Comics Kingdom celebrates creativity, honors cartoon history, and offers a community for those passionate about this beloved art form. With the relaunch of our website, we’re excited to offer a refreshed platform that continues to delight fans and support artists and entertainers.

Here’s an overview of your benefits, including new additions:

* Comic Favorites * Comic Bookmarks * Comics Kingdom Newsletters * Early Access to All Comics * Ad-Free Access to Comics Kingdom * Access to Entire Comics Kingdom Archive * Daily Email with Your Favorite Comics * 20% Discount in Comics Kingdom Shop

We can’t wait for you all to experience it for yourselves, and look forward to keeping the comics coming!