Introducing ALICE! A New Comic Strip by Andrea Beizer

By Alex Garcia

We are thrilled to announce the launch of a new comic strip on Comics Kingdom, ALICE! Created by the talented artist, cartoonist, architect, and college professor Andrea Beizer. Andrea’s diverse background in the visual arts, architecture, and education has led her to develop an incredibly unique and thought-provoking comic strip that will captivate readers from all walks of life.

Alice, the main character, is getting older but is still single and trying to make her mark on society.  She is a person going about her life.  Her reality depends on what is happening at any moment and how she perceives it within the context of relationships, society’s expectations, and desires.  Although it may seem like an endless struggle, there are signs of hope as Alice often questions her situation and the reality of her environment.  I see her as a reaction of “every woman” or “every man” because, in the end, who we are is an accumulation of our thought and struggles, no matter how “real” or “dysfunctional” they may seem to others.

Drawing inspiration from a wide range of art forms, Andrea’s outsider art perspective has infused ALICE with a rich mythology and spirituality that will leave readers pondering the meaning of life and their place in society. Alice struggles to find her way in the world, and her journey as a woman and an individual is universal and will resonate with readers everywhere.

Initially created in the 1980s for the Philadelphia Architect, ALICE is a rebirth of the original comic strip with a new focus on the inner life of a maturing woman. Andrea’s unique perspective as a woman and her struggles to find her place in society has added depth to the comic strip that will delight and engage readers.

Andrea’s passion for art and teaching shines through in ALICE, and we are excited to see where this comic strip will take readers in the future. We invite you to join us on this journey with Alice as she navigates her world with her boyfriend, her animals, and her time and place in society.

You can find ALICE weekly on Comics Kingdom, and we look forward to seeing where this great comic strip will be published next. Stay tuned for more updates from Andrea Beizer and ALICE!

Get drawn in.