Spring and Easter

By Brian Walker

Camp Swampy exists in a time warp and the changing seasons are not always accurately depicted in relation to the real world. Of course, seasons vary around the world in the newspapers that the strip appears in. We live in Connecticut, so occasionally we are inspired by what is happening outside our windows.

In the Sunday page above, from April 15, 2007, Beetle and Miss Buxley go on a springtime walk on their lunch hour. The ending is somewhat predictable.

The episode below, from May 14, 2017, is a little more surreal.

Beetle’s spring walk is ruined by a very unseasonal snow flurry.

Other than Christmas, most holidays are not regularly celebrated in Beetle Bailey. Mort Walker always felt that these days should be passed by without acknowlegement, since the strip appears in countries that don’t recognize the same holidays that we do.

But, as with the seasons, we don’t always follow these rules too closely. Below is a sampling of Easter-themed strips from 2009, 2014 and 2017.

We hope all of our readers have a Happy Easter!

– Brian Walker