Eighties – Autumn Walks

By Brian Walker

Fall is the best time of the year in Hi and Lois. It inspires plotlines about leaf raking, football games and walks in the woods. 

The Sunday page above is a good example of one of these autumn strolls. They often inspire nostalgic memories. 

Although the location where the Flagstons live has never been specifically identified, the changing seasons relfect the climate of New England. The Walker and Browne families have both lived in Connecticut for many years, so this is the envionment that surrounds us.

In this previous post, Dik Browne is quoted about his affection for fall foliage.


Chip and Hi also frequently go on walks to discuss important issues. Here are some examples.


In this recent Sunday page from 2016, illustrated beautifully by Eric Reaves, Hi and Lois once again get nostalgic and philosophical amidst the falling leaves.

We would love to hear from our readers about their favorite season.

– Brian Walker