Eighties – Dot

By Brian Walker

Dot is more precocious than Ditto and believes it is her inalienable right to boss her twin brother around. The result is a minor league battle of the sexes, pitting Dot’s compulsive nature against Ditto’s impulsive behavior.  She’s a know-it-all and a tattle-tail with a generous dose of sugar and spice thrown in. 

She is also attracted to the opposite sex. In the episode above from 1987, she tellls her father about a shy boy in her school play.

In the Sunday page below from 2012, she is making Valentines for all the kids in her class and adding something special for the boy she has a crush on.

In more recent years she has added a feminist point of view to her pushy personality. In this example from 2016 she and her friends challenge the boys to a game of baseball.

Check back next week for more classic strips from our archives.

– Brian Walker