Eighties –Real Estate

By Brian Walker

For almost three decades, Hi worked as the sole breadwinner in the Flagston family. During this time, Lois was the classic baby-boom mother – a romantic lover to her husband, a devoted caregiver to her children and a civic activist in her community.

As more women entered the labor force, Mort Walker decided the strip needed to catch up with the times. In 1980, Lois got a job as a real estate agent. The two strips below introduced this new situation.

The tug of war between Hi and Lois over the rearrangement of their family roles has been a fertile ground for fresh ideas. Hi helps with the chores and benefits from the money Lois earns while she appreciates the sacrifices he has made. This sharing added a new dimension to the strip. It has proven to be one of the most successful innovations in Hi and Lois since the emergence of Trixie in the late 1950s.

Lois deals with a cynical client in this 1989 Sunday page.

Next week we will be sharing more strips from the 1980s so be sure to check back.

– Brian Walker