Eighties – Girlfriends

By Brian Walker

Chip doesn’t have a steady girlfriend. He’s still playing the field. In the Sunday page above from 1988, I used my wife’s name, Abby, for his summer beach companion.

Summer vacations are the perfect time for romance to blossom. Outside the confines of the classroom and the pressures of homework and sports, teenagers are less inhibited during the carefree days of July and August. It is also a time when they have opportunities to meet new friends from different schools or other towns. Unfortunately, these summer romances often end when it is time to go back to school. 

In the episode below from 2002, Chip and his girlfriend come up with a pragmatic solution to preserve the good vibes of their brief time together.

We used Chance’s wife’s name, Debbie, for this character.

Hopefully, many of our readers, who have sweet memories of similar innocent summer romances, can identify with these situations. 

– Brian Walker