1980s – Miss Buxley

By Brian Walker

Miss Buxley made her first appearance in the strip on November 17, 1971. For that historic episode click on this link to a previous post.


In the Sunday page above from 1988, Mort was still drawing her super sexy. Over the subsequent years, he turned down the heat and modified her attire.

Our Scandinavian publishers like to push the envelope with Miss Buxley.  The image below is from a calendar that was published in Sweden in 2013.  This is not a scene we could get away with in an American newspaper.

This image was drawn by Danish artist Henrik Rehr who lives in New York City. The annual calendars published in Scandinavia inevitably feature more Miss Buxley than Beetle, even with some nudity. I guess in the icy northland, political correctness has its limits.

– Brian Walker