Christmas – Part 2

By Brian Walker

This is time of the year when people send out their holiday greeting cards.  I’m pleasantly surprised that some still arrive by old-fashioned snail mail.  E-cards seem so much less personal. 

It’s always nice to see current photos of family and friends and get news about graduations, relocations, vacations, marriages, births and other momentous events.

Cartoonists do some of the best cards.  Many of these are beautifully designed and printed and I often wonder where they find the time to produce and mail them and still keep up with their deadlines.

Mort Walker made his own Christmas cards for decades. The one above is from the 1990s. The one below is from 1960.

Many of the early cards showed our growing family. There were four of us in the card above (Greg, Brian, Polly and Morgan). Eventually there were seven kids.

After everyone grew up, the cards mostly featured the Beetle Bailey gang. Here’s one from around 2000.

Next week we will share more seasonal-themed artwork so be sure to check back.

– Brian Walker