By Edgar Ortiz

The weekend has arrived! Let’s take a look at our editorial staff’s top picks for this week.


1) Marvin

November 30, 2020

Oh yeah, did you ever get to rake your yard?


2) Barney Google & Snuffy Smith

December 1, 2020

This week, Snuffy Smith visited Barney Google. Click on the link to see how it all went down!


3) Macanudo

December 2, 2020

The start of the Macanudo Cinematic Universe. Click on the link for more annoying superheroes!


4) Take It From The Tinkersons

December 3, 2020

There’s probably no definitive answer.


5) Sally Forth

December 4, 2020

Who else in the mood to decorate a Christmas tree and not finish it?